Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Catch Up.

Well. It's been years. But seriously, It's been three years. It's terrible. I think of having a blog more of being a journal, and I feel bad that I have neglected it for so long. ALOT has changed since 2011. I want to be able to remember these moments, so here we go!
But first, here's a little catch up:
Kylan is a Sub-Regional Operations Manager for Vivint. He has lived in Nashville, Alabama, Kentucky, Kansas and Oklahoma! We did the long distance thing for 2 summers but this last summer I spent it in Oklahoma with him!
I've been working has a professional photographer at a studio(s) and also got to do quite a bit graphic of design work. I loved it because graphic design was what I graduated in, so I got to do two things I loved everyday. I eventually moved up to be manager over photography and design. It was stressful, but so rewarding. And now I have my own card business on Etsy, called Lush Graphics.
We moved down to Highland from Logan 2 years ago, and we are still trying to figure out where we are going to settle down. We have honestly been "house hunting" for three years. I'm not kidding. It's our dream to pay cash for our first home, and it has been hard, but ultimately it will be worth it!
This September I gave birth to my sweet baby Leighton, who has given us so much joy. Believe me, you will hear a lot more about her!

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