Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Catch Up.

Well. It's been years. But seriously, It's been three years. It's terrible. I think of having a blog more of being a journal, and I feel bad that I have neglected it for so long. ALOT has changed since 2011. I want to be able to remember these moments, so here we go!
But first, here's a little catch up:
Kylan is a Sub-Regional Operations Manager for Vivint. He has lived in Nashville, Alabama, Kentucky, Kansas and Oklahoma! We did the long distance thing for 2 summers but this last summer I spent it in Oklahoma with him!
I've been working has a professional photographer at a studio(s) and also got to do quite a bit graphic of design work. I loved it because graphic design was what I graduated in, so I got to do two things I loved everyday. I eventually moved up to be manager over photography and design. It was stressful, but so rewarding. And now I have my own card business on Etsy, called Lush Graphics.
We moved down to Highland from Logan 2 years ago, and we are still trying to figure out where we are going to settle down. We have honestly been "house hunting" for three years. I'm not kidding. It's our dream to pay cash for our first home, and it has been hard, but ultimately it will be worth it!
This September I gave birth to my sweet baby Leighton, who has given us so much joy. Believe me, you will hear a lot more about her!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


A lot of big things are happening lately:
We had our first anniversary, I can't believe it has been a year! We actually had to work/pack up on that day so we post-poned our celebration until after my surgery.
We moved home to Logan, we returned to a nasty apartment that took us forever to clean, but otherwise we are so happy to be home! Ohio was really interesting. Toledo, like down town was quite scary. I was scared to walk around and even drive in a car. There is a lot of crime and poverty. It's sad to see. It's a really different experience to see when you have lived in Utah your whole life. Probably a third of the houses are deserted, burned down, or falling down.
I get surgery tomorrow morning, I'm actually pretty excited to get this bump out of my neck because it puts a lot of pressure on my throat and it looks pretty gnarly.
My brother leaves on a mission Sept 28th
My sister gets home from her mission Oct 20th
My husband and I made a beautiful fabric headboard.. I'll post pictures soon!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Well I got my biopsy two weeks ago and its not cancerous! They had to stick a needle in my neck a few times to retract the fluid, and I totally had a slight seizure and passed out. When I came to I had no idea where I was or what was happening. My dad said he has seen nothing like it. So - I don't want to go through that again. The doc still wants to take it out, along with half my thyroid. I have been trying everything I can to have it shrink, and it seems to actually get bigger. Which is sad. So my surgery is scheduled for Sept 3.
Anyway I have been in lake Powell for a week with my family and I am moving OHIO tomorrow! I'm excited to see my hubby. I'm wondering how Ohio will be living there because Minnesota was so great.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On the road again..

We were able to go to Duluth a couple weekends ago and it was beautiful! Us girls went to the Glensheen haunted mansion (well I like to call it haunted because two people were murdered there) but it was so beautiful and big! We walked around the beautiful coast, and went to the harbor and watched a huge boat come in. It was a perfect place for a get away. Our office had some problems with licencing and other things so they decided to have us move to Toledo, Ohio. Well a few days before we were moving to Ohio a huge lump popped up on my neck. Since our insurance doesn't cover outside of Utah, I had to drive back with Cystal and Kynzie to get it checked out. It was a long drive (20 hours) but it flew by! I am so proud of us girls. So now I'm back in Utah, just chilling, looking for things to do.

Well I ended up going to a nose ears and throat doctor and I found out that I have a cyst inside 4 cm big cyst, in my thyroid. So its pretty big. Monday they are doing a biopsy on it and then sending it to get it tested to see if its cancerous. He said he is not to worried about it and its a low chance of it being cancerous. So I'm not to worried. BUT if its not cancerous, I need it removed since it is so big it is pushing everything out of place and making it hard to swallow. So they would have to take out the cysts and half of my thyroid (which kinda worries me) That means ANOTHER surgery. And anyone who knows me - knows don't do well with that.

Well anyway I'm home for the time being until I get things figured out. Already missing my husband and Minnesota. Minnesota is just beautiful and fun, and there are just so many things to do. I'm sad I'm gone. I'm missing the billions of huge, green trees, the baby rabbits, the city, the turtles, the walks, wildflowers, lakes, gardens, beaches, Mall of America, and the best restaurants. Hopefully we can go back one day.

(I'll add some pics as soon as I can)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Elder Hancock

Has been called to serve in the Carlsbad, California mission! He leaves September 28th. I am so happy for him. My sister gets home Oct 20th so they will just miss each other - and not see each other for 3 and a half years! Pretty crazy. But congrats buddy! We love you!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well since I never wrote about our trip to Cali over spring break I decided to do it now before I forget. Kylan and I went to California with our friends Brian and Lindsey. See Brian and kylan had a little bromance going on for a while where they liked to do everything together, and I love Lindsey so it just worked out great. We were staying just 2 blocks away from Disneyland, so I convinced everyone that we should go there. Even with my bum foot, I was at the head of the pack. Kylan says that the only time I walk fast is at Disneyland and the mall (which is probably true). We also went shopping and to many many beaches.

Well one night we decided to do something random and go to Medieval Times. It was mainly the boys idea. When we got there, Lindsey and I were loving it and well - the boys weren't. I thought it was hilarious. We wore crowns, ate with our hands, and I even got a rose thrown to me! Then all of a sudden I was coughing, couldn't breath, and my voice became really deep. I knew I was having an allergic reaction but I didn't want to leave! I was having so much fun. So for a while i didn't say anything. I assumed it was from the horses, but it was the worst allergic reaction I have ever had. I was getting a little frightened because I knew that my throat could close off and I wouldn't be able to breathe. So after the show we ran to the Walgreen's and asked the pharmacist what I should take. She told me to take a double dose of some allergy medicine but if it doesn't help fast, I needed to go to the ER because I could die. (I swear I have the most messed up body) Luckily, after I took the medicine I passed out at like 9 and was fine the rest of the night.
I am in love with Eden Prairie. It is absolutely beautiful here, I need to take some pics to show everyone. There is this 2.5 mile pathway right next to our apartment that goes all around a lake, its wonderful. The days go by really fast but I am super excited to get home. I have been here for 9 weeks, and only 10 more weeks to go! I will miss Minnesota.

Last Sunday we were able to go to Bryant Lake with all of our husbands. It is this beautiful warm sand bottomed lake. It was heaven. Then later that night we were dropping off kylan's tech at a house. While we were slowly pulling away, all of a sudden we hear a voice yelling something through my rolled-down window. I looked back and saw this teenage, African American boy chasing after our car, and then yells to me: "I'M GOING TO RAPE YOU!" Alright?? I was pretty scared at first but seriously, who would do that? So it kind of makes me laugh when I think about it. We also went to Como zoo, this free zoo in st. Paul, and they had these Japanese gardens that were amazing! I never wanted to leave.

the girls

P.S. Sis Hancock gets home this Oct. and I could not be anymore excited! I am so grateful for her and I can't wait to have some more adventures when she gets back.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I saw this the other day and i thought it was so funny! But you have to put your finger on the skittle!